There is so much marketing content on the Internet that I immediately cringed at the idea of launching yet another marketing blog as a tool to shill my marketing consulting and coaching business. Does the world really need another marketer writing content marketing about marketing? 

No. It doesn’t need “just another marketing blog” offering posts with generic solutions to the problems our keyword generation engines have told us people care about. 

And while I won’t lie to you and tell you that building up SEO value for my content to attract more site visitors isn’t one of the primary drivers for why I’m sitting here writing about writing about marketing, I’d like to take a more personal approach addressing the day-to-day challenges marketers on smaller teams face.  

The marketing director or marketing manager can be a pretty lonely job — hell, at many companies you might even be a one-man band. You’ve got to be a jack of all trades and in many cases, you’re really just faking it the best you can with Google as your guide.

The best practices shared in many marketing blogs require full-time SEOs, in-house developers, big bucks for Google Ads and a fleet of social media influencers who actually give a shit about your brand. 

That’s not the reality for many companies, and I want to help you get real as you shape your strategy and decide where you should be spending your scarce resources and time. 

I’ll use this blog as a forum to show you how I’ve solved the problems that I faced in my role as a marketing director and the problems I’ve helped my clients solve in my day-to-day consulting gigs. 

I’ll also be reaching out to the many marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years to understand the challenges they’re facing in these uncertain times of shrinking budgets and major strategy pivots driven by the COVID-19 pandemic to begin an ongoing conversation about the realities of leading small marketing teams. 

Got a question or a problem you need a little help with? Shoot me an email at and I’ll help as I can! 

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